About Us

About Us at ActBlue

Welcome to ActBlue! We are a pioneering nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering small-dollar donors. Our mission is to make it easier for citizens to meaningfully participate in the democratic process, using powerful, user-friendly fundraising technology to support Democratic campaigns, progressive causes, and nonprofits across the country.

Since our inception, we've developed a robust platform that has transformed grassroots fundraising. Every day, we enable thousands of people to support the candidates and causes they believe in, amplifying their impact on crucial issues such as social justice, environmental sustainability, and health care reform.

Our team is a community of committed professionals who bring their diverse skills and passions to our mission of fostering a more accessible, equitable, and participatory democracy. From tech innovators and political activists to customer service experts, we work collaboratively to support our users and enhance our platform, ensuring that every small-dollar donor can make a big difference.

At ActBlue, we are driven by values of integrity, inclusivity, and innovation. We are continuously evolving, embracing new challenges, and expanding our reach. If you're passionate about using your skills to make a positive impact and energized by the idea of working in a dynamic, mission-driven environment, ActBlue might just be the place for you. Join us in our journey to democratize power and change the landscape of political fundraising in America.